Country Election for Date Status
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian People's Council 2020-07-19 Postponed
North Macedonia North Macedonian Assembly 2020-07-15 Held
Poland President 2020-07-12 Confirmed
Singapore Singapore Parliament 2020-07-10 Held
Dominican Republic Dominican Chamber of Deputies 2020-07-05 Confirmed
Dominican Republic President 2020-07-05 Confirmed
Dominican Republic Dominican Senate 2020-07-05 Held
Croatia Croatian Assembly 2020-07-05 Confirmed
Russian Federation Referendum 2020-07-01 Confirmed
Poland President 2020-06-28 Held
Iceland President 2020-06-27 Confirmed
Mongolia Mongolian State Great Hural 2020-06-24 Confirmed
Malawi President 2020-06-23 Confirmed
Serbia Serbian National Assembly 2020-06-21 Held
Saint Kitts and Nevis Kittitian and Nevisian National Assembly 2020-06-05 Confirmed
Niue Niuean Assembly 2020-05-31 Confirmed
Suriname Surinamese National Assembly 2020-05-25 Held
Burundi Burundian National Assembly 2020-05-20 Held
Burundi President 2020-05-20 Held
Mali Malian National Assembly 2020-04-19 Second Round if needed
South Korea South Korean National Assembly 2020-04-15 Held
Kiribati Kiribati House of Assembly 2020-04-14 Held
Armenia Referendum 2020-04-05 Postponed
Mali Malian National Assembly 2020-03-29 Confirmed
Tajikistan President 2020-03-27 Confirmed
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Referendum 2020-03-26 Postponed
Guinea Guinean National Assembly 2020-03-22 Held
Guinea Guinean National Assembly 2020-03-22 Held
Vanuatu Ni-Vanuatu Parliament 2020-03-19 Held
Kiribati Kiribati House of Assembly 2020-03-07 Held