Syrian Arab Republic

Syrian Arab Republic

18,499,181 10

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Syrian People's Council Majlis al-Shaab Assembly

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Bashar al-ASAD *
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Imad Muhammad Dib KHAMIS
  • Assembly: Syria has a unicameral People's Council (Majlis al-Shaab) with 250 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by popular vote to serve a 7-year term.  According the new Constitution, candidates must the written support of at least 35 members of People’s Assembly. Article 85, section 5 states that If during this period only one candidate is determined to have met the requirements for Presidential candidates, the Speaker of the House shall re-open the call for presidential candidates in accordance with the same criteria.
  • Prime Minister is appointed by the President.
  • In the People's Council (Majlis al-Shaab) 250 members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system to serve 4-year terms. Under the new constitution (ratified through referendum on February 26, 2012) multiple parties are allowed to run. Previously, only parties that belonged to the National Progressive Front ( لجبهة الوطنية التقدمية‎, al-Jabha al-Wataniyyah at-Taqaddumiyyah, NPF) could run in elections. Article 60 of the Constitution states that at least half of the members of the assembly should be workers and farmers, as defined by law.
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Election For Date Votes Registered Voters Turn Out
Syrian People's Council 1998-11-30 5,501,940 8,600,071 63.98%
Referendum 1999-02-10 8,961,147 9,097,611 98.5%
Syrian People's Council 2003-03-02 4,556,475 7,181,206 63.45%
Syrian People's Council 2007-04-22 - 7,805,994 -
Referendum 2007-05-27 11,472,157 11,967,611 95.86%
Syrian People's Council 2011-04-01 - 11,967,611 -
Referendum 2012-02-26 8,376,447 14,580,000 57.45%
Syrian People's Council 2012-05-07 5,186,000 10,118,000 51.26%
President 2014-06-03 11,634,412 15,845,575 73.42%
Syrian People's Council 2020-07-19 - - -

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