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Recent and Upcoming Elections

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Upcoming Elections

Country Body Election Date
Venezuela Venezuela Presidency Jul 28 2024 (d)
Kiribati Kiribati House of Assembly Aug 14 2024 (d)
Kiribati Kiribati Presidency Aug 14 2024 (d)
Sint Maarten Sint Maarten Parliament Aug 19 2024 (d)
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani National Assembly Sep 1 2024 (d)
Algeria Algerian Presidency Sep 7 2024 (d)
Jordan Jordanian House of Deputies Sep 10 2024 (d)
Czech Republic Czech Senate Sep 20 2024 (d)
Austria Austrian National Council Sep 29 2024 (d)
(d) Declared Election Start (t) Tentative Start

Recently Held Elections

Country Body Election Date
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian People's Council Jul 15, 2024
Rwanda Rwandan Chamber of Deputies Jul 15, 2024
Rwanda Rwandan Presidency Jul 15, 2024
France French National Assembly Jul 7, 2024
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iranian President Jul 5, 2024
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland British House of Commons Jul 4, 2024
France French National Assembly Jun 30, 2024
Mauritania Mauritanian Presidency Jun 29, 2024
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iranian President Jun 28, 2024
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