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Recent and Upcoming Elections

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Upcoming Elections

Country Body Election Date
Egypt Egyptian Presidency Dec 10 2023 (d)
Chile Referendum Dec 17 2023 (d)
Chad Referendum Dec 17 2023 (d)
Serbia Serbian National Assembly Dec 17 2023 (d)
Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC Presidency Dec 20 2023 (d)
Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC National Assembly Dec 20 2023 (d)
Bangladesh Bangladeshi National Parliament Jan 7 2024 (d)
Bhutan Bhutanese National Assembly Jan 9 2024 (d)
Sint Maarten Sint Maarten Parliament Jan 11 2024 (d)
(d) Declared Election Start (t) Tentative Start

Recently Held Elections

Country Body Election Date
Venezuela Referendum Dec 3, 2023
Bhutan Bhutanese National Assembly Nov 30, 2023
Netherlands Dutch Second Chamber Nov 22, 2023
Marshall Islands Referendum Nov 20, 2023
Marshall Islands Marshallese Parliament Nov 20, 2023
Argentina Argentinian Presidency Nov 19, 2023
Madagascar Malagasy Presidency Nov 16, 2023
Liberia Liberian President Nov 14, 2023
Oman Omani Consultative Assembly Oct 29, 2023
National Elections held in 2023
People Voted in 2023

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