April 17, 2024 Held


Republic of Croatia

Election for Hrvatski Sabor (Croatian Assembly)


Voter Participation

Cast Votes:2,180,411
Valid Votes:2,120,779
Invalid Votes:59,632

Seat Share By Party:

Hover to view number and percent of total seats won by party. Eight largest parties shown, with "others" combined if applicable.

Vote Share by Party:

Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

HDZ coalition (Hrvatska demokratska zajednica) 61

Social Democratic Party (SDP) (Socijaldemokratska partija Hrvatske) 42

Homeland Movement (DP) (Domovinski pokret) 14

Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST) (Most Nezavisnih Lista) 11

We Can! (Možemo! – politička platforma) 10

Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) (Самостална демократска српска странка) 3

Independents 2

Independent Platform of the North (NPS) (Nezavisna Platforma Sjever) 2

Istrian Democratic Assembly 2

Bosniaks Together (Bošnjaci zajedno) 1

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Croatia (DZMH) (Demokratska zajednica Mađara Hrvatske) 1

Focus (Fokus) 1

Croatia Romani Union Kali Sara (Savez Roma u Republici Hrvatskoj "Kali Sara" (SRRH)) 1

Results Notes

Results Sources: State Election Commission (DIP) - 1, 2

Election Results Modified: May 07, 2024

General Information

At Stake in this Election:

  • All 151 seats in the Croatian Assembly

Government Structure:

  • Chief of State: President Zoran MILANOVIĆ (since 18 February 2020)
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Andrej PLENKOVIĆ (since 19 October 2016)
  • Assembly: unicameral Assembly (Hrvatski Sabor) with 151 seats

Electoral System:

  • The President is directly elected by absolute majority popular vote in two-rounds if necessary. The Presidents may serve up to two 5-year terms.
  • The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Assembly. The Prime Minister is typically the leader of the majority party or coalition.
  • In the Assembly, 140 members are directly elected in multi-seat constituencies. An additional 3 members are elected in a single constituency representing the Croatian diaspora. The other 8 members are elected by simple majority vote from a national constituency by voters who belong to recognized minority groups: Serbs (3), Hungarians (1), Italians (1), Czechs/Slovaks (1), other minorities (1). All 151 members serve 4-year terms.

Last Election:

In the 2020 legislative election, a coalition led by the Croatian Democratic Union won the largest share of seats (66). Seven additional coalitions and parties also won seats. Voter turnout was 46.44%.

Information for Voters:

Citizens in Politics / Građani u političkom životu (available in English and Croatian).

New/Unique in this Election:

On 14 March 2024, the Assembly voted unanimously to dissolve, prompting a snap election. The presidential election European Union parliamentary elections will also take place this year, but not concurrently.

Key Deadlines:

Main Parties in this Election:

  • Croatian Democratic Union / Hrvatska demokratska zajednica (HDZ)
    • Leader: Andrej PLENKOVIĆ
    • Seats won in the last election: 61 seats out of 151
  • Social Democratic Party of Croatia / Socijaldemokratska partija Hrvatske (SDP)
    • Leader: Peđa GRBIN
    • Seats won in the last election: 34 seats out of 151
  • Social Democrats / Socijaldemokrati (SD)
    • Leader: Davorko VIDOVIĆ
    • Seats won in the last election: N/A (split from SDP in 2021)
  • Homeland Movement / Domovinski pokret (DP)
    • Leader: Ivan PENAVA
    • Seats won in the last election: 11 seats out of 151
  • The Bridge / Most (MOST)
    • Leader: Božo PETROV
    • Seats won in the last election: 8 seats out of 151

Population and Registered Voters:

Gender Data:

Disability Data:

  • CRPD Status: Signed 30 March 2007, Ratified 15 August 2007
  • Projected population with a disability: 616,896 (2022 estimate)

IFES Resources:

  • Does IFES have a presence in Croatia: No
  • Election Access: Yes
  • Election Judgements: Yes, 8 resources
Election Modified: Apr 17, 2024

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