Record Modified: Nov 03 2023

March 19, 2023 Held


Republic of Kazakhstan

Election for Mazhilis (Kazakh House of Representatives)


Cast Votes:6,521,860
Valid Votes:None
Invalid Votes:None


Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

Independents (тәуелсіз кандидаттар) 6 None

Amanat (AMANAT) 62 - 3,431,510


Auyl People's Democratic Party (Ауыл Халықтық-демократиялық патриоттық партиясы) 8 - 693,938


Respublica («Respublica» партиясы) 6 - 547,154


Ak Zhol Democratic Party (Ak Zhol Democratic Party) 6 - 535,139


People's Party of Kazakhstan (Қазақстан Халық партиясы) 5 - 432,920


Nationwide Social Democratic Party (Жалпыұлттық Социал-Демократиялық Партия) 5 - 331,058


More Info:

At Stake in this Election: 

  • All 98 seats of the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan *  

* Local assembly (maslikat / mәслихат) elections will take place concurrently at the oblast, district, and city levels.  In all, 3,415 seats will be contested across 223 assemblies. 

Government Structure:  

  • Chief of State: President Kasym-Zhomart TOKAYEV (since 20 March 2019) 

  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Alikhan SMAILOV (since 11 January 2022) 

  • Assembly: a bicameral parliament consisting of a 50-seat Senate (Сенаты) and a 98-seat lower chamber known as the Mazhilis (Мәжіліс) 

Electoral System:  

  • The President is directly elected by plurality vote and may serve only one 7-year term. 

  • The Prime Minister is appointed by the president and confirmed by the Mazhilis. 

  • In the Senate, 40 members are indirectly elected by regional (oblystar / облыстар) assemblies via two-round majority vote.  An additional 10 members are appointed by the president, including 5 who are nominated by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan (Қазақстан халқы ассамблеясы)—an advisory body consisting of ethnic minorities.  All members serve 6-year terms, and half of the seats are contested every 3 years. 

  • In the Mazhilis, 98 members are directly elected by proportional representation vote. 69 members are elected from closed lists in a single, nationwide constituency, and 29 members are elected in single-seat constituencies.  All members serve 5-year terms. 

Last Election: 

In the 2021 legislative election, the Nur Otan party won a majority in the Mazhilis with 76 seats.  The Ak Zhol Democratic Party won 12 seats, and the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan won 10 seats.  Voter turnout was 61%. 

New/Unique in this Election:  

Electoral procedures were recently changed via the 2022 national referendum.  Previously, the 98 directly elected members of the Mazhilis were all elected from a single, nationwide constituency via proportional representation vote.  Additionally, the president can no longer serve as the head of a political party, and voters can now select an “against all” option rather than a party list or candidate. 

Key Deadlines: 

* Local officials assemble voter lists which include all citizens over the age of 18 who are registered as local residents.  Prospective voters have until 17 February to request to vote in a location other than their registered place of residence. 

Main Candidates in this Election:  

  • Leader: Azat PERUASHEV 

  • Seats won in last election: 12/98 

  • Leader: Erlan QOŞANOV 

  • Seats won in last election: 76/98 (formerly known as Nur Otan Party) 

  • Leader: Ali BEKTAEV 

  • Seats won in last election: 0/98 

  • Leader: Azamatkhan AMIRTAI 

  • Seats won in last election: 0/98 (founded in 2022, after last election) 

  • Leader: Ashat RAQYMJANOV 

  • Seats won in last election: 0/98 

  • Leader: Ermukhamet ERTISBAEV 

  • Seats won in last election: 10/98 (formerly known as the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan) 

  • Leader: Aidarbek KHODJANAZAROV 

  • Seats won in last election: 0/98 (founded in 2023, after last election) 

Population and Registered Voters: 

Gender Data: 

  • Female Population: 10,209,648 (2022 est.) 

  • CEDAW Status: Ratified by accession 26 Aug 1998 

  • Gender Quota:Yes, 30% of Mazhilis candidates on each party list must be women and/or under the age of 29 and/or people with disabilities 

  • Female Candidates in this election: Yes 

  • Number of Female Legislators (pre-election): 29/106 (27.4%) in the Mazhilis and 9/48 (18.8%) in the Senate 

Disability Data: 

IFES Resources: 

  • Does IFES have a presence in Kazakhstan: No 

  • Election Access: Yes 

  • Election Judgements: Yes, 10 resources