April 29, 2023 Held



Election for Niue Fono Ekepule (Niuean Assembly)


Voter Participation

Cast Votes:866
Valid Votes:840
Invalid Votes:26

Vote Share by Party:

Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

Independents (Independents) 20 - - 840

Election Results Modified: Aug 28, 2023

General Information

At Stake in this Election: 

  • All 20 seats of the Niuean Assembly 

Government Structure:  

  • Chief of State: King CHARLES III (since 8 September 2022) 

  • Represented by New Zealand Governor-General Cindy KIRO (since 21 October 2021) 

  • Head of Government: Premier Dalton TAGELAGI (since 10 June 2020) 

  • Assembly: unicameral Assembly (Fono Ekepule) with 20 seats 

Electoral System:  

  • The King is a hereditary monarch. 

  • The Premier is indirectly elected by the Assembly and serves a 3-year term. 

  • In the Assembly, 14 members are elected in single-seat constituencies by plurality vote, and six are elected from a single, nationwide constituency. All 20 members are directly elected and serve 3-year terms. 

Last Election: 

In 2020, all 20 seats were filled by independent candidates. Sir Toke Talagi lost his seat after serving as Premier for twelve years, and Dalton Tagelagi of Alofi South was selected as the new Premier. The seat for Mutalau village constituency was decided by drawing a name from a hat after two candidates tied.  

Key Deadlines: 

Main Candidates in this Election: 

Special note: There are no political parties in Niue.  

  • Independents 

  • Seats won in the last election: 20 out of 20 

Population and Registered Voters: 

Gender Data: 

  • Female Population: Unknown 

  • CEDAW Status: Not signed 

  • Gender Quota: No 

  • Female Candidates in this election: Yes 

  • Number of Female Legislators (pre-election): 3 out of 20 (15%) 

  • Human Development Index (HDI) Position: Not available 

  • Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: Not available 

Disability Data: 

IFES Resources: 

  • Does IFES have a presence in Niue: No  

Election Modified: Aug 28, 2023

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