Jan. 13, 2023 Held

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Election for Czech Presidency


Voter Participation

Cast Votes:5,622,812
Valid Votes:5,578,585
Invalid Votes:44,227

Vote Share by Candidate:

Petr PAVEL1,975,056


Andrej BABIS1,952,213


Danuše NERUDOVA777,080


Pavel FISCHER376,705


Jaroslav BASTA248,375


Marek HILSER142,912


Karel DIVIS75,475


Tomáš ZIMA30,769

Election Results Modified: Apr 12, 2023

General Information

At Stake in this Election: 

  • The Presidency of the Czech Republic* 

*Note: This is the first-round of the Presidential elections. 

Government Structure:  

  • Chief of State: President Milos ZEMAN (since 8 March 2013)  
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Petr FIALA (since 17 December 2021) 
  • Assembly: Bicameral Parliament consists of the 81-seat Senate (Senat) and the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies (Poslanecka Snemovna).  

Electoral System: 

  • The President is directly elected by an absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term.  
  • The Prime Minister is appointed by the President for a 4-year term.  
  • Members of the Senate are directly elected in single-seat constituencies by absolute majority vote in 2 rounds if needed for 6-year terms. Members of the Chamber of Deputies are directly elected in 14 multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation vote with a 5% threshold required to fill the seat. Members of the Chamber of Deputies serve 4-year terms.  

Last Election: 

The last election was held on 12 January 2018. Milos ZEMAN won 51.36% of the vote (2,853,390 votes overall) and Jiri DRAHOS came in second with 48.63% of the vote (2,701,206 votes overall). Zeman is ineligible to run in this election due to term limits.  

Key Deadlines: 

  • Candidate filing deadline: N/A 
  • Voter registration deadline: N/A, voter registration is passive.  

Main Candidates in this Election:  

  • Andrej Babiš 
    • Party: Action of Dissatisfied Citizens (ANO 2011) 
  • Jaroslav Bašta 
    • Party: Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD)  
  • Karel Diviš 
    • Party: Independent  
  • Pavel Fischer  
    • Party: Independent  
  • Marek Hilšer 
    • Party: Marek Hilšer to the Senate 
  • Danuše Nerudová 
    • Party: Independent  
  • Petr Pavel 
    • Party: Independent  
  • Tomáš Zima 
    • Party: Independent  

Population and Registered Voters: 

Gender Data: 

Disability Data: 

  • CRPD Status: Signed 30 March 2007 and ratified 28 September 2009 

IFES Resources: 

  • Does IFES have a presence in the Czech Republic?: Yes, IFES’ Regional Europe Office is located in Prague office 
  • Election Judgements: Yes, 125 resources  


Election Modified: Oct 31, 2023

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