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Federative Republic of Brazil

Election for President

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Art 77 Constitution

The President and the Vice-President of the Republic shall be elected simultaneously on the first Sunday of October for the first round, and if there should be a second round, on the last Sunday of October of the year prior to the termination of the mandate of the current president.


§1°. Election of the President of the Republic shall signify election of his running mate as Vice-President.


§2°. Once registered by a political party, the candidate who obtains an absolute majority of votes, not counting those left blank or void, shall be deemed the President-elect.


§3°. If no candidate attains an absolute majority on the first ballot, another election shall be held within twenty days after announcement of the results between the two candidates who obtained the greatest number of votes, and the one who obtains a majority of valid votes shall be deemed elected.


§4°. If, before the runoff election is held, a candidate dies, withdraws or is legally impaired, the candidate with the greatest number of votes among the remaining candidates shall be called.


§5°. In the event of the preceding paragraphs, if more than one candidate with an equal number of votes remain in second place, the older shall qualify.