July 7, 2012 Held



Election for مجلس النواب (Majlis Al Nuwab) (Libyan Council of Deputies)


Cast Votes:1,764,840
Valid Votes:1,484,723
Invalid Votes:280,117


Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

February 17th Coalition of political parties and civil society groups 39 714,769


Justice and Development Party 17 152,441


National Centrist Party 2 59,417


National Gathering for Freedom, Justice and Development - - 51,292


Qimmah Party - - -

The Party of Free Libyans - - -

More Info:

At stake in this election:

  • 200 seats in the General People's Congres (Mutamar Al Chaab Al Aam). This body is responsible for appointing a 60-member body to draft the Constitution.

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: Transitional National Council Mustafa Abd al-JALIL
  • Head of Government: Transitional National Council Executive Abdurrahim EL-KEIB
  • Assembly: Libya will elect a unicameral General People's Congres (Mutamar Al Chaab Al Aam) with 200 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The Transitional National Council Executive will be elected by parliament.
  • In the General People's Congres (Mutamar Al Chaab Al Aam), 40 members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies, 80 members are elected by plurality vote in multi-member constituencies and 80 members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system.***

*** District magnitude for the proportional districts ranges from 3 to 11. Article 15 of the election law mandates that candidates should alternate genders on the lists and that half of all a party's list must have a female at the top. District magnitude for the SNTV (plurality vote in multi-member constituencies) seats ranges from 2 to 9. Fifty of the 69 majoritarian districts will be parallel, meaning they contain both a proportional tier and either a SNTV or SMD tier. Three geographic constituencies will feature only a proportional representation ballot being provided to voters. Political entity/party affiliation can not be indicated on the ballot for the 120 ‘individual’ candidates that are running in the 69 majoritarian constituencies.

Main parties in the electoral race:

  • Alliance: Justice and Development Party (JDP) / حزب العدالة و التنميلة ‎ Ḥizb al-ʿAdālah wat-Tanmiyah*
    • Leader: Mohamed SOWAN
  • Party: National Gathering for Freedom, Justice and Development / التجمع الوطني من اجل الحرية والعدالة والتنمية‎ at-Tajammu‘ al-Waṭanī min ajl al-Ḥurriyyah wal-‘Adālah wat-Tanmiyah
    • Leader: Ali AL-SALLABI
  • Party: National Centrist Party / Hizb al-Wasat al-Watani ب حزب الوسط الوطني
    • Leader: Ali TARHOUNI
  • Party: Qimmah Party / حزب القمة Hizb al-Qimmah
    • Leader: Abdullah NAKER
  • Party: The Party of Free Libyans / Hizb al-tahrir al-Libyan حزب الليبيين الاحرار
    • Leader: Mohammed ALLAGI
  • Party: February 17th Coalition of political parties and civil society groups / ائتلاف17 فبراير للاحزاب السياسية ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني
    • Leader: Mahmoud JIBRIL

* The JDP is composed of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other Islamist groups and independents.

Population and number of registered voters:

  • Population: 6,283,403 (2012)
  • Registered Voters: 2,865,937 (July 2012)

Gender Data:

·         Female Population: 3,090,450 (2012)

·         Is Libya a signatory to CEDAW: No

·         Has Libya ratified CEDAW: Yes, accession (16 May 1989)

·         Gender Quota: No

·         Female candidates in this election: Yes

·         Number of Female Parliamentarians: 33 (following the 2012 elections)

·         Human Development Index Position: 94 (2014)

·         Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: N/A

Disability Data:

·         Is Libya a signatory to CRPD: Yes (1 May 2008)

·         Has Libya ratified CRPD: No

·         Population with a disability: 942,510 (est.)