Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

596,992 7

Population (as of Feb. 8, 2019)

Elections in our database

259,887 89.62%

Registered Voters (as of Oct. 15, 2018)

Average Turnout

Name Official Name Type
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies Chambre des Députés Assembly

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: Grand Duke HENRI
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Xavier BETTEL
  • Assembly: Luxembourg has a unicameral Chamber of Deputies (Chambre des Députés) with 60 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The Grand Duke is hereditary head of state.
  • Prime Minister is appointed by the monarch.
  • In the Chamber of Deputies (Chambre des Députés) 60 members are elected by open list proportional representation in multi-member constituencies to serve 5-year terms. There are four multi-member districts with seats apportioned in proportion to their populations. Voters may vote for party lists, or they may cast preference votes within party lists. This open list system allows for panachage. That is, each voter has a fixed number of preference votes to cast, and the voter may distribute them among multiple parties' lists.
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Election For Date Votes Registered Voters Turn Out
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 1999-06-13 191,267 221,103 86.51%
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2004-06-13 199,846 217,979 91.68%
Referendum 2005-07-10 199,609 220,717 90.44%
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2009-06-07 203,535 223,842 90.93%
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2013-10-20 218,453 239,668 91.15%
Referendum 2015-06-07 214,835 246,974 86.99%
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2018-10-14 233,014 259,887 89.66%

Voter Turnout