9,919,128 14

Population (as of May 20, 2015)

Elections in our database

8,029,829 64.83%

Registered Voters (as of April 6, 2014)

Average Turnout

Name Official Name Type
National Assembly Országgyűlés Assembly
President President Head of State
Prime Minister Prime Minister Head of Government

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President János ÁDER
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Viktor ORBÁN
  • Assembly: Hungary has a unicameral National Assembly (Országgyűlés) with 386 seats.

Note: under a  new electoral system introduced in 2011, the National Assembly will be reduced to 199 seats, of which 106 will be filled by plurality vote in single member districts. The remaining 93 seats will be allocated on a national list.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by the National Assembly to serve a 5-year term. *
  • The Prime Minister is elected by the National Assembly.**
  • In the National Assembly (Országgyűlés), 176 members are elected in single-member constituencies to serve 4-year terms, 152 members are elected through a party-list proportional representation system to serve 4-year terms and 58 members are allocated from a national compensatory list.***

* To be elected, the president must win two-thirds of legislative votes in the first two rounds or a simple majority in the third round

** On the recommendation of the president.

*** Every voter may cast two votes: one in her respective single-member district and one for a party list. Single-member district elections are two-round. In the first round, all candidates who receive more than 15 percent of the vote move on to the second round. For the first round in any given district to be valid, more than 50 percent of registered voters must participate in that district. In the second round, that number is only 25 percent. Party votes contribute to the election by proportional representation of members from 20 multi-member constituencies. The threshold in this tier is 5 percent nationwide. Finally, compensatory seats are allocated to parties in proportion to their sums of votes for non-winning candidates and party lists.

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Election For Date Votes Registered Voters Turn Out
National Assembly 1998-05-10 4,532,443 8,063,631 56.21%
National Assembly 2002-04-07 5,685,655 8,061,101 70.53%
National Assembly 2002-04-21 4,423,806 6,018,069 73.51%
Referendum 2003-04-12 3,666,715 8,042,272 45.59%
Referendum 2004-12-05 3,009,262 8,046,742 37.4%
President 2005-06-06 199 385 51.69%
President 2005-06-07 365 385 94.81%
National Assembly 2006-04-09 5,457,553 8,076,781 67.57%
National Assembly 2006-04-23 3,257,244 5,059,002 64.39%
National Assembly 2010-04-11 5,172,222 8,034,394 64.38%
National Assembly 2010-04-25 1,160,117 2,486,111 46.66%
President 2010-07-07 366 386 94.82%
President 2012-05-02 307 386 79.53%
National Assembly 2014-04-06 4,859,789 8,029,829 60.52%

Voter Turnout