People's Republic of Bangladesh

156,186,882 5

Population (as of July 1, 2016)

Elections in our database

104,100,000 81.05%

Registered Voters (as of July 9, 2018)

Average Turnout

Name Official Name Type
Bangladeshi National Parliament Jatiya Sangsad Assembly

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Abdul HAMID
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Sheikh HASINA Wajed
  • Assembly: Bangladesh has a unicameral National Parliament (Jatiya Sangsad) with 350 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by parliament to serve a 5-year term.
  • Prime Minister is appointed by the President.
  • In the National Parliament (Jatiya Sangsad) 300 members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies to serve 5-year terms.*

* 50 seats in Parliament are reserved for women. The female members are elected by the new representatives on the basis of proportional representation through Single Transferable Vote.

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Election For Date Votes Registered Voters Turn Out
Bangladeshi National Parliament 2001-10-01 56,185,707 74,946,364 74.97%
Bangladeshi National Parliament 2008-12-29 70,647,508 81,083,933 87.13%
President 2013-04-22 - - -
Bangladeshi National Parliament 2014-01-05 47,262,168 92,007,113 -
President 2018-02-18 1 104,100,000 -

Voter Turnout