Islamic Republic of Mauritania

3,516,806 12

Population (as of May 29, 2015)

Elections in our database

1,328,168 69.93%

Registered Voters (as of July 30, 2014)

Average Turnout

Name Official Name Type
National Assembly Al Jamiya Al Wataniya Lower House
President President Head of State
Senate Majlis al-Shuyukh Upper House
Prime Minister Prime Minister Head of Government

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Mohamed Ould Abdel AZIZ
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Yahya Ould HADEMINE
  • Assembly: Mauritania has a bicameral Parliament (Barlamane) consisting of the Senate (Majlis al-Shuyukh) with 56 seats and the National Assembly (Al Jamiya Al Wataniya) with 95 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by absolute majority vote through a two-round system to serve a 5-year term. The President must be elected through absolute majority. If this majority is not obtained by one candidate in the first round, a second round is held within the next 15 days where 2 candidates (those having obtained the most votes in the first round) will run against one another. 
  • The Prime Minister is appointed by the President.
  • In the Senate (Majlis al-Shuyukh), 53 members are elected by indirect vote to serve 6-year terms and 3 members are reserved for the diaspora community to serve 6-year terms*. In the National Assembly (Al Jamiya Al Wataniya), 81 members are elected in single- and multi-member constituencies to serve 5-year terms and 14 members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system to serve 5-year terms.**

* 53 members are elected by indirect vote by municipal leaders to serve 6-year terms; one-third of seats are renewed every two years. 3 members are elected by Mauritanians abroad.

** In the nominal tier, there are 45 constituencies of varying magnitudes. In single-member districts, the electoral system is two-round. In two-member districts, the electoral system is two-round with both seats going to a party list. In districts with three or more seats, closed list proportional representation is the electoral system.

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Election For Date Votes Registered Voters Turn Out
National Assembly 2001-10-19 560,045 1,028,630 54.45%
Senate 2001-10-26 - - -
President 2003-11-07 673,591 1,203,668 55.96%
Referendum 2006-06-25 756,643 989,664 76.45%
National Assembly 2006-11-19 788,029 1,073,287 73.42%
Senate 2007-01-21 3,623 3,688 98.24%
President 2007-03-11 794,979 1,133,152 70.16%
President 2007-03-25 764,045 1,132,877 67.44%
President 2009-07-18 816,974 1,265,063 64.58%
National Assembly 2013-11-23 878,693 1,189,105 73.9%
National Assembly 2013-12-21 243,998 311,940 78.22%
President 2014-06-21 749,865 1,328,168 56.46%

Voter Turnout