ICG Report Regarding Venezuela's Upcoming Election

July 10, 2012, 4:06 p.m.

International Crisis Group (ICG) has released a report on the uncertain political climate surrounding Venezuela's upcoming election titled "Dangerous Uncertainty ahead of Venezuela’s Elections." The opposition has united under the young politician, Henrique Capriles, whose moderate  views is likely to resonate with some of the country's "swing" voters. Although Chávez is the dominate figure in the political landscape with an extremely strong base, elections in Venezuela are not easy to rig. However, the opposition is not the only challenge President Hugo Chávez; his frail health may be an even bigger factor. His battle with cancer and the mystery surrounding his actual condition has added a new element of uncertainty to October's election that could pose an even bigger threat to his reelection. In light of these developments, ICG has released recommendations in order to:

"...reduce the dangerous levels of uncertainty in advance of the presidential election, to diminish polarisation and the risk of violence, and o level the playing field and increase the likelihood of free and fair elections in October."

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