Election observation and political finance

April 22, 2010, 2:53 p.m.

In January 2009, IFES and the Carter Center convened practitioners and academics from the political finance reform and election observation communities. Their purpose was to develop standards and the respective data collection approaches for incorporating political finance issues into election observation agendas:

What can international election monitors do to assess and strengthen campaign finance in emerging democracies? How can they complement the work of domestic monitors? Finally, since monitoring implies standards, what global best practices exist in the regulation of political finance? These questions framed a two-day workshop at IFES' headquarters in Washington, DC. The workshop, which took place from January 22-23, 2009, was made possible by funding from the United Nations Democracy Fund to IFES for the Global Standards in Political Finance project. Representatives came from six overlapping communities: regulators, international election monitors, campaign finance reformers, intergovernmental organizations, international democracy assistance NGOs and civil society actors.

The final report of this workshop is online.

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