Youth Perceptions In Morocco: Political Parties In The Wake Of Legislative Elections

July 4, 2012, 6:16 p.m.

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) has released a report detailing its focus group research on Moroccan youth perceptions of elections, political parties and the new government. The focus groups were conducted in April 2012, and follow the recent legislative elections in November 2011.  The report follows on similar research NDI conducted in July 2011 following the constitutional referendum. The findings are available in English and Arabic. From the Report:

This focus group research took place during  the new government’s first three months in office. The findings point to a youth population that views the elections as a major step forward in terms of transparency and is  optimistic about the prospects of a PJD-led government. While expectations of the new government remain very high, a significant number of participants demonstrated a realistic view of the challenges that such a government will face and the patience needed for progress to be made or a judgment taken. They seek more responsiveness from political parties,  with ongoing engagement and more effective campaigns based on realistic promises. They provide an overarching sense that public participation in electoral politics will evaporate if they do not feel there is a real effort to try new approaches and forge profound change.

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