Defining Fraud to Increase Electoral Integrity

May 9, 2012, 6:10 p.m.

While electoral fraud has been studied for decades, it has never been defined in a practical way that allows for its detection, deterrence and mitigation. In the third white paper in an ongoing series on electoral fraud, IFES presents a set of practical definitions that will help election managers, experts and observers to accurately identify and address the problem. Written by Chad Vickery, IFES Regional Director for Europe and Asia, and Erica Shein, Research and Development Officer for Europe and Asia,Assessing Electoral Fraud in New Democracies: Refining the Vocabulary also explores:

  • Various existing definitions for electoral fraud

  • Differences between electoral fraud, malpractice and systemic manipulation

  • Next steps to mitigate and deter these practices in order to ensure electoral integrity

Click here to download  Assessing Electoral Fraud in New Democracies: Refining the Vocabulary.  

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