International IDEA launches Political Finance database

April 5, 2012, 2:14 p.m.

International IDEA has launched its new Political Finance database is now live on the web, which contains information on the political finance laws and regulations of 179 countries.

  • How political donations are regulated

  • The limits on where money can come from and how much can be given;

  • Disclosure rules and transparency;

  • Oversight and sanctions for breaches.

These are just some of the issues covered by the database which draws on over 1,000 pieces of legislation and other documentation from across the globe. The database can be used by anyone with an interest in political reforms in the area of political party and candidate finance. Knowing the laws and regulations in place makes it possible to identify potential loopholes and work out measures to improve enforcement. The information is a complete update and revision of earlier versions.  

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