Finland's Opposition Center Wins Election

April 24, 2015, 4:39 p.m.

Finland held an election on Sunday, April 19, leading to the ouster of Prime Minister Alexander STUBB’s coalition. Competing for 200 seats in its parliament (Eduskunta), candidates in this election shaped their campaigns around the country’s economic issues. The opposition Center Party of Finland led by Juha SIPILA gained the most seats (49), followed by Timo SOINI’s Euroskeptic nationalist party, The True Finns (38), and then by Prime Minister STUBB’s National Coalition Party (37).  The results of this election suggest SIPILA will most likely become the country’s Prime Minister, who is typically appointed by the largest party in parliament. After Election Day in Finland, parties typically enter into negotiations about forming the new government. It is currently unclear if SIPILA will join a coalition with The True Finns—now the second largest party in parliament, especially considering its populist stances against bailouts, the European Union, and NATO.

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