NOREF on Egypt's role in Sudan

Aug. 26, 2010, 10:20 a.m.

The conflict in Sudan and the uncertainty over next year's referendum has drawn international attention, along with intervention from countless actors.   It is somewhat surprising then, that Egypt, which sits atop Sudan's northern border, has shied from strong involvement.  The Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre has released a policy brief, which explores Egypt's interest in Sudan and why the country that hosts the Arab League, has declined to take an active role in promoting stability in the south.

A narrow view of Egypt’s security interests might suggest that Egypt should not be concerned with peace processes in Darfur; but in a holistic and longterm perspective, Egypt has much to gain from taking a more active role. This would, for example, increase Egypt’s international standing and assist in stemming destabilising tendencies that go beyond the borders of the Darfur region. For Egypt to undertake such involvement, however, will require the mobilisation of considerable political, diplomatic and financial resources.

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