DG ROUNDUP: November 13-19, 2013

Nov. 19, 2013, 1:04 p.m.

Guinea-Bissau: The transitional government has announced that it will delay the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections from 24 November 2013 to 16 March 2014. The government’s decree did not specify the reason for the delay, but noted that the decision was reached after consultations with political parties and the electoral commission. The elections, which are seen as a crucial step in restoring democracy after Guinea-Bissau’s latest military coup last year, were originally scheduled for January 2013, but the transitional government continues to lack the resources necessary to carry out a nationwide poll.

Nepal: On Tuesday 19 November, Nepali voters head to the polls to elect a new Constituent Assembly, tasked with forming a new government and drafting a new constitution for the country. Sporadic violence has marred the election, including vandalism by opposition activists and bomb blasts at polling stations. Political deadlock and infighting continue to paralyze the country’s reconstruction and reconciliation after its decade-long civil war and the abolition of its monarchy in 2008.

Venezuela: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has jailed 100 businessmen on grounds of allegedly ‘sabotaging’ the country’s economy. Most believe that these arrests are politically motivated, as businessmen in Venezuela continue to protest the radical policies of the current regime and criticize the government’s undue interference in the economy for political gain. Venezuela’s business environment currently ranks 181st of 189 countries according to the World Bank’s annual index, and the government continues to be criticized for its lack of institutional accountability, political and economic corruption, and routine harassment of independent media outlets and civil society organizations.


(Image Credit: dw.de)

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