DG Roundup: October 2-8, 2013

Oct. 9, 2013, 11:57 a.m.

DG Roundup: October 2-8, 2013

Kosovo: The Serbian and Kosovar governments have reached an agreement ending their most recent feud. In April, the two former adversaries signed an agreement formally accepting Kosovo’s administration of a border region with a Serb minority. However, when the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ivica DACIC, announced his intention to visit the territory ahead of a November 3 municipal election to encourage Serb political participation, he was told he would be denied entry. After both parties discussed the issue in Brussels, where they are currently in the midst of longer-term negotiations brokered by the European Union, they agreed that Serb politicians would be allowed freedom of movement in Kosovo as long as they submitted formal requests to the relevant Kosovar institutions.

Maldives: The Maldivian Supreme Court has annulled the results of the country’s Presidential election held on September 7. The second round had been delayed due to allegations of fraud made by third-place candidate Qasim IBRAHIM. The Court ruled in a 4-3 decision to hold fresh elections on October 20.

Romania: Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Liviu DRAGNEA has been indicted by the High Court of Romania along with 74 others for election fraud during the country’s referendum in July 2012. Had the referendum passed, President Traian BASESCU would have been impeached for “overstepping his authority,” but the measure failed because less than half the electorate voted. DRAGNEA, then a county council chairman and member of the opposition, allegedly encouraged and organized the use of illegal measures to increase the vote count in his county. While some evidence has already come to light, including incriminating text messages, DRAGNEA denies the charges and refuses to resign. Prime Minister Victor PONTA has called the case “politically motivated.”

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