Mexican party wants federal police for local elections

June 20, 2010, midnight

Cesar NAVA, the head of President Felipe CALDERON’s National Action Party (PAN), said on Sunday that he wants federal police, not local ones, to supervise sub-national elections later this year. NAVA has accused governors from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) of planning to use local security forces to interfere with electoral processes. Opponents of the PRI have accused the party of vote-buying and voter intimidation. Fourteen out of Mexico’s 31 states will hold elections this year for governors, mayors and other local posts. The PAN has expanded the power of local governors, which ended the centralized rule that existed during the PRI’s 71-year tenure. The PRI, which held the Presidency of Mexico from 1929 to 2000, still holds a majority of the country’s governorships.

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