Filipinos Hold General Election For President and Congress

May 13, 2010, midnight

Senator Benigno "Noynoy" AQUINO appears headed for victory following the Philippines' general election on Monday. Despite challenges in vote tallying, the magnitude of AQUINO's lead means final results from outstanding precincts are unlikely to change the result. New electronic voting machines performed better than some critics had feared despite a few glitches. An electronic voting machine malfunction, for example, forced AQUINO to wait for several hours before he could cast his vote. Observed incidents of violence were fewer than in previous elections, though there were reported bombings and gunfights in Mindinao, where violence has historically occurred in previous elections. Last November, warlords massacred 57 people, including 34 journalists, when one group tried to file a certificate of candidacy for a gubernatorial candidate in an area held by a rival clan.

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