Conservatives And Liberal Democrats Form Coalition

May 13, 2010, midnight

David CAMERON became the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister on Tuesday, when his Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats agreed to form a coalition government. The deal will make Liberal Democrat leader Nick CLEGG the Deputy Prime Minister and give several ministerial posts to his party. The two parties will also work together on electoral reform, although the details have not been finalized. The Conservatives agreed to hold a referendum on the alternative vote (AV) for the House of Commons, while the Liberal Democrats agreed to reducing the number of MPs and rewriting the rules for drawing constituency boundaries. According to a Wednesday press release from Britain's leading voting reform organization, the coalition has also promised direct elections to the House of Lords under a proportional system. Electoral reform was a key demand of the Liberal Democrats, and it figured prominently in their coalition talks with both Labour and the Conservatives. Liberal leaders prefer that the referendum happen in time for any change to take effect by the next election.

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