Kyrgyz Interim Government Announces Referendum, Elections

April 22, 2010, midnight

Representatives of Kyrgyzstan's de facto government said on Thursday that snap Parliamentary and first-round Presidential elections would be on October 10, following a forthcoming June 27 referendum on constitutional reform. According to Omurbek TEKEBAYEV, a government minister in charge of the reform process, the new constitution would shift powers from the President to Parliament. Kyrgyzstan's interim government took power after an April 7 coup in Bishkek, the country's capital. Now in exile, Kurmanbek BAKIYEV maintains he is still the legitimate President. Interim leader Roza OTUNBAYEVA, a former opposition figure, says BAKIYEV signed a resignation document before leaving the country. OTUNBAYEVA and BAKIYEV were leading figures in the 2005 Tulip Revolution against President Askar AKAYEV. BAKIYEV went on to win Presidential elections later that year and again in 2009.

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