Hungarian Opposition Poised For Landslide

April 11, 2010, midnight

Hungary's center-right Civic Union (Fidesz) won a landslide victory in first-round Parliamentary elections on Sunday. According to some polls, the party is likely to win two-thirds of all seats in parliament. With 99 percent of votes counted, Fidesz received 52.77 percent of the national vote. The ruling Socialists, hurt by unpopular deficit-reducing measures, earned just 19.29 percent. The rightwing Jobbik party, known for its anti-Semitic and anti-Gypsy rhetoric, will enter Parliament for the first time with a showing of 16.71 percent. Turnout for the first round was 64.29 percent. The second round of voting, which will determine who wins a remaining 121 seats, will take place on April 25.

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