CIPE report on private enterprise in post-conflict societies

Aug. 6, 2010, 9:28 a.m.

The Center for International Private Enterprise has published an article arguing for the importance of private sector input while drafting legislation in post-conflict societies.  The article stress that the rebuilding of a commercial sector is critical to developing post-conflict economies.  Unfortunately, it argues, this often does not happen due to the nature of urgent lawmaking in such societies.  Policymakers rush to develop a legal framework but a lack of democratic institutions means these laws will not be viewed as legitimate by the private sector.

Business is a vital link in the feedback loop that leads to policy development and reform. Commercial actors are best placed to understand the existing environment and the practical implications of reform initiatives. By working together with government and other interest groups, business can play an active role in creating the consensus necessary for effective policy implementation. Without consensus, there is no basis for implementation. Without rebuilding relationships, there is no basis for consensus.

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