SMEC releases report of Sudanese media's election coverage

July 22, 2010, 2:24 p.m.

The Sudan Media and Elections Consortium (SMEC) has released its sixth Sudan Media Monitoring Report, which examines media coverage of the country's recent presidential elections in April.  The report is based on qualitative and quantitative analysis and attempts to assess the conduct of the media in the country.

In the period from 16 April – 4 May most findings were in line with the findings of previous reports: the main format used by media to channel (post) election news and political actors was the news format, and NCP and SPLM remained the main actors covered in the media.  As during the election days and in the first days after the elections, there was a low number of hate speech cases in this latest reporting period with most cases found in print media. Politicians and parties were in most cases the sources and the targets of hate speech.

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