IWA survey on corruption in Afghanistan

July 12, 2010, 12:11 p.m.

Corruption is deeply entrenched in Afghan society and risks derailing US-led efforts to build sustainable institutions.  US policymakers have expressed fears that persistent corruption is threatening the legitimacy of the Afghan state and preventing its citizens from receiving access to basic public services.  In order to better understand how corruption affects ordinary citizens, Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) has released the findings from its country-wide survey, which details Afghans' feelings towards corruption.

The present survey, which covered 6,500 respondents, a representative sample of the overall population of Afghanistan, assesses the impact of corruption on the relationship between Afghan citizens and the state, the trust in state and non-state institutions, the perceived support of the international community for anti-corruption efforts and the links of corruption and perceptions of corruption with insurgency and conflict.

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