FRIDE on revitalizing democracy assistance

July 1, 2010, 2:57 p.m.

Given recent failures in the promotion of democracy-transition efforts, politicians and scholars alike have begun to doubt the effectiveness of democracy assistance. How do nations receiving this assistance feel about democracy support? What are some perceived shortcomings, and how must strategies change to ensure sufficient outcomes? The European think tank FRIDE recently completed a study on 14 nations with varying degrees of stability to try and answer these questions. From the report.

"Donors and non-governmental democracy promoters have for some years now insisted that they are committed to designing democracy policies that are more demand-led. Our project provides them with the most extensive input of information and opinions collected so far from this ‘demand-side.’ This synthesis report lays out the main concerns of local stakeholders, their judgements on why democracy aid is not working as well as might be the case and their views on how donors’ strategies must adapt."

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