Country Election for Date Status
Curacao Estates of Curacao 2016-09-30 Confirmed
Colombia Referendum 2016-10-02 Confirmed
Hungary Referendum 2016-10-02 Confirmed
Morocco Chamber of Representatives 2016-10-07 Confirmed
Georgia Parliament 2016-10-08 Confirmed
Haiti President 2016-10-09 Confirmed
Lithuania Parliament 2016-10-09 Confirmed
Afghanistan House of People 2016-10-15 Confirmed
Montenegro Assembly 2016-10-16 Date not confirmed
Palau President 2016-11-01 Confirmed
Palau House of Delegates 2016-11-01 Confirmed
Palau Senate 2016-11-01 Confirmed
Bulgaria President 2016-11-06 Confirmed
Nicaragua President 2016-11-06 Confirmed
Nicaragua National Assembly 2016-11-06 Confirmed
United States Senate 2016-11-08 Confirmed
United States House of Representatives 2016-11-08 Confirmed
United States President 2016-11-08 Confirmed
Puerto Rico Senate 2016-11-08 Confirmed
Puerto Rico House of Representatives 2016-11-08 Confirmed
Democratic Republic of the Congo National Assembly 2016-11-27 Confirmed
Democratic Republic of the Congo President 2016-11-27 Confirmed
Guyana National Assembly 2016-11-30 Date not confirmed
Gambia, The President 2016-12-01 Date not confirmed
Austria President 2016-12-04 Confirmed
Ghana President 2016-12-07 Confirmed
Ghana Parliament 2016-12-07 Confirmed
Macedonia Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia 2016-12-11 Tentative
Japan House of Representatives 2016-12-15 Date not confirmed
Turks and Caicos Islands House of Assembly 2016-12-31 Date not confirmed