Country Election for Date Status
Spain Spanish Senate 2019-04-28 Snap
Benin Beninese National Assembly 2019-04-28 Confirmed
Spain Spanish Congress of Deputies 2019-04-28 Snap
Mali Malian National Assembly 2019-04-30 Date not confirmed
Panama President 2019-05-05 Confirmed
Panama Panamanian National Assembly 2019-05-05 Confirmed
Belize Referendum 2019-05-08 Confirmed
South Africa South African National Assembly 2019-05-08 Confirmed
Lithuania President 2019-05-12 Confirmed
Philippines Philippine House of Representatives 2019-05-13 Confirmed
Philippines Philippine Senate 2019-05-13 Confirmed
Australia Australian Senate 2019-05-18 Confirmed
Switzerland Referendum 2019-05-19 Confirmed
Malawi President 2019-05-21 Confirmed
Malawi Malawian National Assembly 2019-05-21 Confirmed
European Union European Parliament 2019-05-23 Confirmed
Ireland Referendum 2019-05-24 Confirmed
Belgium Belgian Chamber of Representatives 2019-05-26 Confirmed
Netherlands Dutch Second Chamber 2019-05-27 Confirmed
Madagascar Malagasy National Assembly 2019-05-27 Confirmed
Madagascar Referendum 2019-05-27 Confirmed
Chad Chadian National Assembly 2019-05-30 Date not confirmed
Burkina Faso Referendum 2019-06-01 Date not confirmed
Kazakhstan Referendum 2019-06-09 Snap
Papua New Guinea Referendum 2019-06-15 Confirmed
Guatemala President 2019-06-16 Confirmed
Guatemala Guatemalan Congress of the Republic 2019-06-16 Confirmed
Mauritania President 2019-06-22 Confirmed
Denmark Danish Parliament 2019-06-30 Date not confirmed
Algeria President 2019-07-04 Confirmed