Country Election for Date Status
Togo Referendum 2018-12-16 Confirmed
Madagascar President 2018-12-19 Confirmed
Togo Togolese National Assembly 2018-12-20 Confirmed
Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the Congolese National Assembly 2018-12-23 Confirmed
Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the President 2018-12-23 Confirmed
Bangladesh Bangladeshi National Parliament 2018-12-30 Confirmed
Guinea-Bissau Bissau-Guinean People's National Assembly 2019-01-27 Date not confirmed
Guinea Guinean National Assembly 2019-01-31 Date not confirmed
El Salvador President 2019-02-03 Confirmed
Nigeria Nigerian Senate 2019-02-16 Confirmed
Nigeria President 2019-02-16 Confirmed
Nigeria Nigerian House of Representatives 2019-02-16 Confirmed
Thailand Thai Senate 2019-02-24 Confirmed
Thailand Thai House of Representatives 2019-02-24 Confirmed
Senegal President 2019-02-24 Date not confirmed
Cuba Referendum 2019-02-24 Confirmed
Moldova, Republic of Moldovan Parliament 2019-02-24 Confirmed
Solomon Islands Solomon Islander National Parliament 2019-03-01 Date not confirmed
Estonia Estonian Parliament 2019-03-03 Confirmed
Micronesia, Federated States of Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia 2019-03-05 Confirmed
Micronesia, Federated States of Referendum 2019-03-05 Confirmed
Slovakia President 2019-03-09 Tentative
El Salvador President 2019-03-10 Second Round if needed
Madagascar Malagasy National Assembly 2019-03-10 Date not confirmed
Burkina Faso Referendum 2019-03-24 Confirmed
Ukraine President 2019-03-31 Confirmed
Tuvalu Tuvaluan House of Assembly 2019-03-31 Date not confirmed
Somaliland Somaliland House of Representatives 2019-03-31 Date not confirmed
Maldives Maldivian People's Council 2019-03-31 Date not confirmed
India Indian People's Assembly 2019-04-01 Date not confirmed