Country Election for Date Status
Sri Lanka Referendum 2019-11-16 Confirmed
Belarus Belarusian Chamber of Representatives 2019-11-17 Confirmed
Marshall Islands Marshallese Parliament 2019-11-18 Confirmed
Papua New Guinea Referendum 2019-11-23 Postponed
Uruguay President 2019-11-24 Second Round if needed
Argentina Referendum 2019-11-24 Second Round if needed
Switzerland Referendum 2019-11-24 Confirmed
Namibia Namibian National Assembly 2019-11-27 Confirmed
Namibia Referendum 2019-11-27 Confirmed
Somaliland Somaliland House of Representatives 2019-11-30 Date not confirmed
Dominica Dominican House of Assembly 2019-12-06 Confirmed
Guinea-Bissau Referendum 2019-12-08 Date not confirmed
San Marino Sammarinese Grand and General Council 2019-12-08 Date not confirmed
Algeria President 2019-12-12 Confirmed
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland British House of Commons 2019-12-12 Snap
Bolivia Referendum 2019-12-15 Second Round if needed
Uzbekistan Uzbekistani Legislative Chamber 2019-12-22 Confirmed
Libya Referendum 2019-12-31 Date not confirmed
Mauritius Referendum 2019-12-31 Held
Kiribati Kiribati House of Assembly 2019-12-31 Date not confirmed
Croatia President 2019-12-31 Date not confirmed
Gibraltar Cook Islands Parliament 2019-12-31 Date not confirmed
Taiwan Taiwanese Legislative Yuan 2020-01-11 Confirmed
Taiwan Referendum 2020-01-11 Confirmed
Comoros Comoran Assembly of the Union 2020-01-19 Date not confirmed
Croatia Referendum 2020-01-20 Date not confirmed
Peru Peruvian Congress of the Republic 2020-01-26 Snap
Cameroon Cameroonian National Assembly 2020-02-09 Date not confirmed
Central African Republic Referendum 2020-02-14 Second Round if needed
Guinea Guinean National Assembly 2020-02-16 Postponed