Country Election for Date Status
Guatemala Guatemalan Congress of the Republic 2019-06-16 Confirmed
Guatemala President 2019-06-16 Confirmed
Mauritania President 2019-06-22 Confirmed
Mali Malian National Assembly 2019-06-30 Date not confirmed
Algeria President 2019-07-04 Cancelled
Mauritania Referendum 2019-07-06 Second Round if needed
Greece Greek Parliament 2019-07-07 Moved Up/ Snap
Ukraine Ukrainian Supreme Council 2019-07-21 Snap
Japan Japanese House of Councillors 2019-07-28 Date not confirmed
Madagascar Referendum 2019-07-31 Date not confirmed
Guatemala President 2019-08-11 Second Round if needed
Nauru Nauruan Parliament 2019-08-31 Date not confirmed
Israel Israeli Knesset 2019-09-17 Confirmed
Afghanistan President 2019-09-28 Confirmed
Montserrat Montserratian Legislative Council 2019-09-30 Date not confirmed
Austria Austrian National Council 2019-09-30 Snap
Tunisia Tunisian Constituent Assembly 2019-10-06 Confirmed
Portugal Portuguese Assembly of the Republic 2019-10-06 Confirmed
Papua New Guinea Referendum 2019-10-12 Confirmed
Mozambique President 2019-10-15 Confirmed
Mozambique Mozambican Assembly 2019-10-15 Confirmed
Switzerland Referendum 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Switzerland Swiss National Council 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Canada Canadian House of Commons 2019-10-21 Confirmed
Argentina President 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Bolivia Bolivian Chamber of Deputies 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Bolivia Bolivian Chamber of Senators 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Bolivia President 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Argentina Argentinian Chamber of Deputies 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Argentina Argentinian Senate 2019-10-27 Confirmed