Country Election for Date Status
Macedonia Assembly 2016-06-05 Confirmed
Switzerland Referendum 2016-06-05 Confirmed
Peru President 2016-06-05 Confirmed
United Kingdom Referendum 2016-06-23 Confirmed
Spain Senate 2016-06-26 Confirmed
Spain Congress of Deputies 2016-06-26 Confirmed
Mongolia State Great Hural 2016-06-30 Date not confirmed
Iceland President 2016-06-30 Date not confirmed
Australia House of Representatives 2016-07-02 Confirmed
Australia Senate 2016-07-02 Confirmed
Japan House of Councillors 2016-07-10 Date not confirmed
Sao Tome and Principe President 2016-07-31 Date not confirmed
Zambia Referendum 2016-08-11 Confirmed
Zambia National Assembly 2016-08-11 Confirmed
Zambia President 2016-08-11 Confirmed
Thailand House of Representatives 2016-08-31 Date not confirmed
Cape Verde President 2016-08-31 Date not confirmed
Russia State Duma 2016-09-18 Date not confirmed
Netherlands Second Chamber 2016-09-30 Date not confirmed
Belarus Chamber of Representatives 2016-09-30 Date not confirmed
Morocco Chamber of Representatives 2016-10-07 Confirmed
Lithuania Parliament 2016-10-09 Confirmed
Afghanistan House of People 2016-10-15 Confirmed
Seychelles National Assembly 2016-10-31 Date not confirmed
Basque Country (part of Spain) Basque Parliament 2016-10-31 Date not confirmed
Montenegro Assembly 2016-10-31 Date not confirmed
Seychelles President 2016-10-31 Date not confirmed
Nicaragua President 2016-11-06 Confirmed
Nicaragua National Assembly 2016-11-06 Confirmed
Ghana Parliament 2016-11-07 Date not confirmed