Country Election for Date Status
Barbados Barbadian House of Assembly 2018-05-24 Confirmed
Venezuela President 2018-05-20 Confirmed
Burundi Referendum 2018-05-17 Confirmed
Timor-Leste Timorese National Parliament 2018-05-12 Confirmed
Iraq Iraqi Council of Representatives 2018-05-12 Confirmed
Malaysia Malaysian House of Representatives 2018-05-09 Confirmed
Lebanon Lebanese National Assembly 2018-05-06 Confirmed
French Polynesia Assembly of French Polynesia 2018-05-06 Held
Gabon Gabonese National Assembly 2018-04-28 Cancelled
Faroe Islands Referendum 2018-04-25 Postponed
Greenland Greenland Diet 2018-04-24 Held
Paraguay Paraguayan Chamber of Senators 2018-04-22 Confirmed
Paraguay Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies 2018-04-22 Confirmed
Paraguay President 2018-04-22 Confirmed
French Polynesia Assembly of French Polynesia 2018-04-22 Held
Bhutan Bhutanese National Council 2018-04-20 Held
Montenegro President 2018-04-15 Held
Guatemala Referendum 2018-04-15 Held
Azerbaijan President 2018-04-11 Held
Hungary Hungarian National Assembly 2018-04-08 Confirmed
Costa Rica President 2018-04-01 Held
Sierra Leone President 2018-03-31 Held
Egypt President 2018-03-26 Confirmed
Turkmenistan Turkmen National Assembly 2018-03-25 Confirmed
Antigua and Barbuda Antiguan and Barbudan House of Representatives 2018-03-21 Held
Russia President 2018-03-18 Held
Grenada Grenadian House of Representatives 2018-03-13 Held
Cuba Cuban National Assembly of People's Power 2018-03-11 Held
Sierra Leone President 2018-03-07 Held
Switzerland Referendum 2018-03-04 Confirmed