Country Election for Date Status
Nepal National Assembly 2018-02-07 Confirmed
Costa Rica President 2018-02-04 Confirmed
Costa Rica Costa Rican Legislative Assembly 2018-02-04 Confirmed
Cyprus President 2018-01-28 Confirmed
Finland President 2018-01-28 Confirmed
Czech Republic President 2018-01-26 Confirmed
Czech Republic President 2018-01-12 Confirmed
Honduras Honduran National Congress 2017-11-26 Confirmed
Honduras President 2017-11-26 Confirmed
Nepal House of Representatives of Nepal 2017-11-26 Confirmed
Chile Chilean Chamber of Deputies 2017-11-19 Confirmed
Chile President 2017-11-19 Held
Chile Chilean Senate 2017-11-19 Held
Somaliland President 2017-11-13 Confirmed
Slovenia President 2017-11-12 Held
Argentina Argentinian Senate 2017-10-29 Held
Argentina Argentinian Chamber of Deputies 2017-10-29 Held
Iceland Icelandic Parliament 2017-10-28 Snap
Slovenia President 2017-10-22 Held
Czech Republic Czech Chamber of Deputies 2017-10-20 Confirmed
Kyrgyzstan President 2017-10-15 Held
Austria Austrian National Council 2017-10-15 Held
Liberia Liberian House of Representatives 2017-10-10 Held
Liberia President 2017-10-10 Held
Iraq Referendum 2017-09-25 Held
Germany German Federal Diet 2017-09-24 Confirmed
Switzerland Referendum 2017-09-24 Held
Singapore President 2017-09-23 Held
New Zealand New Zealand House of Representatives 2017-09-23 Held
Aruba Aruban Legislature 2017-09-22 Held