Country Election for Date Status
Ecuador National Congress 2017-02-19 Confirmed
Ecuador Referendum 2017-02-19 Confirmed
Ecuador President 2017-02-19 Confirmed
Turkmenistan President 2017-02-12 Held
Switzerland Referendum 2017-02-12 Held
Liechtenstein Parliament 2017-02-05 Held
Côte d'Ivoire National Assembly 2016-12-18 Held
Turks and Caicos Islands House of Assembly 2016-12-15 Held
Macedonia Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia 2016-12-11 Held
Romania Chamber of Deputies 2016-12-11 Held
Kyrgyzstan Referendum 2016-12-11 Held
Romania Senate 2016-12-11 Held
Ghana Parliament 2016-12-07 Held
Ghana President 2016-12-07 Held
Austria President 2016-12-04 Held
Uzbekistan President 2016-12-04 Held
Italy Referendum 2016-12-04 Held
Gambia, The President 2016-12-01 Held
Switzerland Referendum 2016-11-27 Held
Kuwait National Assembly 2016-11-26 Moved Up/ Snap
Haiti President 2016-11-20 Held
Moldova President 2016-11-13 Held
Bulgaria President 2016-11-13 Held
Puerto Rico Governor 2016-11-08 Held
United States House of Representatives 2016-11-08 Held
United States President 2016-11-08 Held
Puerto Rico Senate 2016-11-08 Held
United States Senate 2016-11-08 Held
Puerto Rico House of Representatives 2016-11-08 Held
Nicaragua President 2016-11-06 Held