Feb. 13, 2011 Tentative


Republic of Chad

Election for Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly)


Cast Votes:2,734,280
Valid Votes:2,734,280
Invalid Votes:0


Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

Patriotic Salvation Movement 113 None

Rally for Democracy and Progress 8 None

National Rally for Development and Progress 4 None

National Union for Democracy and Renewal 9 None

National Rally for Democracy in Chad 7 None

Union for Renewal and Democracy 7 None

Federation Action for the Republic 3 None

Chadian Convention for Peace and Development 2 None

Democratic and Socialist Party for Alternation 2 None

Party for Unity and Reconstruction 2 None

Al Nassour 1 None

Al Wassat 1 None

National Alliance for Democracy and Development 1 None

National Alliance for Democracy and Renewal 1 None

Action for the Renewal of Chad 1 None

Movement for Democracy and Socialism in Chad 1 None

People's Movement for Democracy in Chad 1 None

Movement of Chadian Patriots for the Republic 1 None

African Party for Peace and Justice 1 None

Party for Democracy and Integral Independence 1 None

Party for Liberty and Development 1 None

People's Party for Justice and Equality 1 None

People's Rally for Democratic Alternation 1 None

New Breath for the Republic 1 None

Union for Democracy and the Republic 1 None

Chadian Democratic Union 1 None

Union of Chadian Ecologists - The Greens 1 None

Union of Democratic Forces - Republic Party 1 None

More Info:

At stake in this election:

  • 188 seats in the National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale)

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Idriss DEBY
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Emmanuel NADINGAR
  • Assembly: Chad has a unicameral National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale) with 188 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by absolute majority vote through a two-round system to serve a 5-year term.
  • Prime Minister is appointed by the President.
  • In the National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale), 70 members are elected by absolute majority vote in single-member constituencies to serve 4-year terms and 116 members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system to serve 4-year terms.***

*** A Party Block Vote in multi-member districts is used if a list gains an absolute majority of the vote. If no list obtains the majority of the vote, members are elected through party-list proportional representation.

* has not yet been created and size is unspecified, members to serve six-year terms, one-third of membership renewable every two years.

Main parties in the electoral race:

  • Alliance: Patriotic Salvation Movement / Mouvement Patriotique du Salut (MPS)
    Leader: Idriss DEBY
    Seats won in last election: 0

Population and number of registered voters:

  • Population: 10,329,208 (July 2010 est.)
  • Registered Voters: 4,830,885 (February 2011 )