Shining a Light on Political Party Financing: Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia and Serbia 2011

Dec. 6, 2011, 8:12 p.m.

Transparency International published an assessment of transparency levels in political party finance in the Western Balkans. The report used a method known as CRINIS which was developed by Transparency International and the Carter Center. This method has previously been employed in many other countries to carry out similar evaluations. The full assessment can be found here.

Using the CRINIS methodology, data for the project were collected by research teams in each of the five countries. Data collection included extensive desk research on existing laws and regulations, as well as an assessment of practice using methods, such as one-to-one interviews with stakeholders, guided assessments using a group of citizens and journalists to carry out field tests on the accessibility of information about political parties’ annual funding.

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