Evaluating Media Interventions in Conflict Countries

Nov. 2, 2011, 5:57 p.m.

Published in 2011 by the United States Institute of Peace, Evaluating Media Interventions in Conflict Countries is a report that "both reviews the state of the art in evaluating media interventions in conflict and outlines the Caux Guiding Principles (hereinafter, Caux Principles) for improving the evaluation process. It stresses effective evaluation as a critical step forward for using the media in conflict prevention and peacebuilding."

Those concerned with monitoring and evaluation of media interventions in conflict countries are at a critical juncture. In the face of global economic downturn, policymakers and politicians no longer have the economic or political capital to fund projects without evidence of their utility. The onus is on the community involved in media-related projects to illustrate the projects’ importance and improve their efficacy.

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