Gender Budgeting and Good Governance: Experience from Africa and Europe

Sept. 25, 2011, 2:41 p.m.

Published by the VENRO Project on the Africa-EU Partnership in September 2010, this collection of reports, entitled Gender Budgeting and Good Governance: Experience from Africa and Europe, attempts to display gender budgeting as a means to improve governance on a global scale. Articles included in this collection encompass experiences with gender budgeting in Uganda, South Africa, and Austria as well as the linkage between gender budgeting and gender democracy. From the individual country reports, it can be concluded that gender budgeting must be campaigned for more on a grassroots level and, despite recent strides, much more remains to be accomplished. Furthermore, it is imperative that the implementation of gender budgeting strategies be considered on a country-by-country basis as opposed to a general methodology.

From the reports on experience gained in South Africa, Uganda and Austria and discusses at the Workshop, it became apparent that broad coalitions in society are necessary between civil society, parliaments and the government in order to successfully and sustainably implement gender budgeting. Here, civil society has a twofold role to play: it has to be in a position to present itself externally as a social pressure group in order to demand a democratization of budgetary processes while also implementing gender budgeting mechanisms at local, national and supra-national level in co-operation with the actors involved.

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