Indonesia: Hope and Hard Reality in Papua

Aug. 23, 2011, 3:57 p.m.

The update briefing "Indonesia: Hope and Hard Reality in Papua" published by the International Crisis Group analyzes the current situation in Indonesia and the recent conference held in July 5-7, 2011 to address the escalating conflict and calls for independence from Papua.  The conference was designed to host representatives from Jakarta, civil society and Papuan elected officials.  The report goes into detail on the objectives of the conference and what took place.  The conference ran smoothly with 800 people coming in attendance and a broad representation of those concerned with the conflict and issues.  The goal of the conference was to provide recommendations on how to change the situation and bring peace to the region. There is no guarantee that any of the recommendations will be followed.  

The report also provides a description of Puncak Jaya which has the highest levels of insurgent activity.  The history of the region is provided and the main players are described along with the various factions.  Human rights violations are also discussed with the civilian population taking the brunt of the violence and insecurity.   In response to the issues in Papua the report recommends a Papua unit in Jakarta to provide a voice for the people from that region.

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