Reforming Pakistan‘s Police/Law Enforcement Infrastructure Is It Too Flawed to Fix?

Aug. 22, 2011, 9:18 p.m.

"Reforming Pakistan‘s Police and Law Enforcement Infrastructure Is It Too Flawed to Fix?" by Hassan Abbas looks at the current Pakistani police force and the need for the entire system to be restructured in order for the police to effectively fulfill their mission as well as provide counterterrorism support.  The main impediments to a successful and efficient police force and law enforcement are large levels of corruption and political manipulation combined with inadequate resources and training.  Even when cases do progress through the system, the judicial system is very weak.  The report provides recommendations for both traditional and innovative reforms.

An effective police force is critical to countering insurgency. In Pakistan, an understaffed and underequipped police force is increasingly called on to manage rising insecurity and militant violence. This report evaluates the obstacles to upgrading the existing police system and recommends traditional and innovative reform options, including major restructuring of the total civilian law enforcement infrastructure, without which the police force cannot be effectively improved. Because Pakistan’s police capacity has direct implications for the country’s ability to tackle terrorism, the United States and its allies would realize counterterrorism dividends by helping law enforcement efforts through modern training and technical assistance.

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