Aid in transition: South Sudan

Aug. 4, 2011, 9:34 p.m.

Global Humanitarian Assistance recently published a briefing paper on South Sudan titled Aid in transition: South Sudan.  The purpose of the paper is to summarize the changes to aid data and management since South Sudan has become independent. Historically aid data was not distributed according to region which makes prior information scarce in regards to South Sudan.  Global Humanitarian Assistance provides access to their factsheet which contains “a more detailed analysis of funding to Sudan and summary of what aid data is available for South Sudan”.  The briefing paper also provides a list of recent pledges to provide aid to South Sudan by donors.  Aid to South Sudan is essential in order to make sure that the country has the resources it needs in order to develop into a strong, democratic government.

Aid will continue to be an important resource flow to underwrite the provision of basic services and to meet humanitarian needs in a country where the state, still only six years old, lacks capacity, where the economy is overwhelmingly dependent on a single commodity and where humanitarian crisis thresholds are still frequently exceeded.

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