Duality by Design: The Iranian Electoral System

March 29, 2011, 4:29 p.m.

The poignant images of the protests following Iran's last presidential election in June 2009 unleashed an ocean of media and expert discourse on democracy on Iran. Yet, missing from the debate was a clear understanding of Iran's electoral system.

Duality by Design: The Iranian Electoral System sheds light on the complex Iranian electoral system by providing:

  • A history of Iranian elections since 1906

  • An objective and comprehensive overview of 'the rules of the game' for presidential, parliamentary and local council elections

  • An assessment of the election management bodies involved in the implementation and supervision of elections

  • Distribution of political factions in parliamentary politics

  • Candidate registration and vetting rates.

Instead of providing normative analysis on a particular poll, this desk study presents empirical data on the results of elections for the past three decades and offers an inclusive and exhaustive picture of elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A PDF of the desk study can be accessed here.

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