NDI releases preliminary statement from EOM in Afghanistan

Sept. 20, 2010, 3:07 p.m.

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) has released a preliminary statement from its election observation mission in Afghanistan.  Prior to the election, NDI released a series of pre-election reports, describing the environment in the country.

Violence suppressed voter turnout in several areas of the country. However, this does not present a complete picture of the electoral process. Afghanistan’s 2010 elections also demonstrated that millions of Afghans – as candidates and their agents, voters, domestic election monitors and polling officials – are committed to ensuring that the nation’s government reflects the will of the people. Despite a worsening security situation in many parts of the country, and undeterred by the widespread fraud that characterized the 2009 elections, these individuals engaged in the electoral process and showed courage and resolve in moving the nation toward a more democratic future.

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