Bolivia’s Evo MORALES Wins Third Term in Office

Oct. 17, 2014, 1:43 p.m.

The election for president and both houses of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional) in Bolivia was held on Sunday 12 October 2014. Located in South America, Bolivia has a population of 10,631,486 with approximately 5,139,554 registered voters.[i] A quick count of 97 percent of voting stations by the Ipsos firm for ATB television has President Evo MORALES winning 60 percent of the vote.[ii] His main challenger, Samuel Doria MEDINA, won 25 percent of the vote.[iii] Mr. MEDINA conceded the election on Monday 13 October 2014.[iv] Mr. MORALES became Bolivia’s first indigenous leader in 2006.[v] He will be in office until January 2020 [vi] and has stated he will not seek a fourth term in office.[vii] Final results are expected in the coming weeks, and preliminary and final results for the legislative elections are pending.


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