Andrej Kiska Elected President of Slovakia

April 3, 2014, 9:40 a.m.

Political newcomer Andrej KISKA has been elected President of Slovakia. KISKA won the election in the second round of voting, defeating current Prime Minister Robert FICO. KISKA, a former businessman, and the organizer of the Slovak charity organization, Good Angel, received 1,307,065 votes (59.38 percent) in the election to FICO’s 893,841 votes (40.61 percent). In the first round of voting, FICO led with 28.01 percent of the vote; however, many of the of other candidates, including Radoslav PROCHÁZKA and Milan KŇAŽKO, urged their supporters to vote for KISKA in the second round, fearing that if FICO won that too much power would be invested in his Direction – Social Democracy / Smer – sociálna demokracia (SMER-SD) party. KISKA will be inaugurated on June 15, 2014, when the term of current President Ivan GAŠPAROVIĆ ends. Turnout in the second round of the election increased from the first round, with 50.47 percent (2,223,812 voters) of Slovak voters casting their ballots.

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