Early Results Give SNS Majority in National Assembly

March 21, 2014, 10:33 a.m.

Preliminary results from the Parliamentary elections in Serbia have been released by the Republican Election Commission (RIK). The early results show that the coalition led by Aleksandar VUČIĆ has won the most votes in the election. First Deputy Prime Minister VUČIĆ, leader of the Serbian Progressive Party / Српска Напредна Странка (SNS), had pushed for early election following opinion polling that showed his party polling at an all-time high. With 99.08 percent of the ballots counted, VUČIĆ’s alliance of the SNS, SDPS, NS, SPO, and PS received 1,727,444 votes (48.34 percent), which would give them 158 seats in the National Assembly. This result would give one party a majority in the National Assembly for the first time since the 2000 election which ousted Slobodan MILOŠEVIĆ from office. Three other non-ethnic lists also won seats in the election. The electoral list of the SPS, PUPS, and JS, led by Prime Minister Ivica DAČIĆ finished in second place with 482,710 votes (13.51 percent) and will have 44 seats in the National Assembly. The Democratic Party / Демократска странка placed third in the election, winning 215,923 votes (6.04 percent) and 19 seats, and the coalition led by Boris TADIĆ received 203,916 votes (5.71 percent) and will have 18 seats in the new national assembly. Despite winning a majority of seats in the election, VUČIĆ has said that he will not exclude the possibility of forming a wider governing coalition. Turnout in the election is estimated at 53.12 percent.  

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