Immigration Restriction Initiative Passes in Switzerland

Feb. 12, 2014, 3:47 p.m.

Swiss voters took to the polls on February 9, 2014 to participate in three nationwide ballot initiatives. The most contentious proposal was a popular initiative entitled “Stop mass immigration.” The popular initiative requires the Swiss government to renegotiate the freedom of movement agreement between the European Union and Switzerland, mandate quotas for immigrant categories, and limit the ability of foreigners to bring family members to live in Switzerland. The popular initiative was passed, with 50.34 percent (1,463,954 votes) voting in favor. While the governing parties opposed the popular initiative, the cabinet has said they will pursue the law changes without delay. A second popular initiative on ending the payment for abortions through the national health care service failed, with only 30.20 percent (873,603 votes) in favor. Finally, voters voted on a federal decree amending the Constitution to achieve sustainable funding for the Swiss rail network. The federal decree passed with 62.02 percent (1,776,688 votes) in favor. Turnout for the initiatives was 56.29 percent (2,908,382 votes).

Image courtesy of http://www.praag.org

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