Second Round of Voting Gives Union for Democracy a Majority

Jan. 3, 2014, 10:37 a.m.

The second round of parliamentary elections were held in Mauritania on December 21, 2013. At stake in the election were the 28 seats that had not been won by an absolute majority in the first round of voting on November 23, 2013. After winning 53 seats in the first round of voting, the ruling Union for the Republic / Union pour la République, led by Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamed LEMINE, won the most seats in the second round of voting. In the second round, they received 124,656 votes (55.11 percent), winning 22 seats, and will have a majority of 75 seats overall in the National Assembly (Al Jamiya Al Wataniya). The National Rally for Reform and Development / Tewassoul, the only member of the the 11-member Coordination of the Democratic Opposition to contest the election, received 31,103 votes (13.75 percent) in the second round, winning 4 seats (16 overall). The only other party to gain seats during the second round of voting was the El Wiam Party, which received 11,369 votes (5.09 percent), to gain 2 more seats (10 overall) in the National Assembly. In the second round of voting, 311,940 Mauritanians were eligible to vote, of which 243,998 cast their ballots (78.22 percent).

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