First Round Results Released in Mauritania

Dec. 12, 2013, 12:13 p.m.

Results from the first round of the Mauritanian parliamentary elections have been released. At stake in the election were 146 seats to the National Assembly (Al Jamiya Al Wataniya), 40 of which are elected nationwide by closed-list proportional representation, and 106 elected in single- and multi-member constituencies. In the one- and two-seat constituencies, candidates must receive an absolute majority to win. The ruling Union for the Republic / Union pour la République received the most votes in the first round, winning 53 seats after receiving 127,580 votes (21.34 percent) in the proportional tier. The National Rally for Reform and Development / Rassemblement National pour la Réforme et le Développement (Tewassoul) was the only member of the 11 party Coordination of the Democratic Opposition to participate in the election, as the other 10 parties boycotted the elections. Tewassoul won 12 seats in the election, after receiving 81,744 votes (13.68 percent). Finishing third in the election was the Popular Progressive Alliance / Alliance Populaire Progressiste, which gained 44,700 votes (7.48 percent) and 7 seats in the National Assembly. During the first round of voting, 878,693 Mauritanians (73.90 percent) cast their ballots; however, only 578,688 ballots (65.86 percent) were deemed to have been valid. In total, during the first round of voting, 118 of the 146 seats were filled, with 16 parties earning seats in the National Assembly. The second round of elections, originally scheduled for December 7, 2013, has been postponed to December 21, 2013. 

Image courtesy of Al Jazeera.

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