Macau Legislative Council 2013

Sept. 15, 2013, midnight

Voters in Macau participated in Legislative Council elections on September 15, 2013. In the election, 33 new members of the Legislative Council were elected; 14 were elected through a party-list proportional representation system, 12 were elected indirectly by special interest groups, and the remaining 7 members were appointed by the chief executive. In the election, 20 parties contested the party-list seats, with 9 of the lists winning seats in the Legislative Council. The big winner of the election was the United Citizen Association of Macau / Associação dos Cidadãos Unidos de Macau 澳門民聯協進會 (ACUM), led by CHAN Meng Kam, which received 26,385 votes (18.02 percent), and became the first party list to win three seats in a Macanese election. ACUM is one of the political parties that falls under the pan-establishment camp in Macanese politics. Overall, parties belonging to this camp won 10 seats in the Legislative Council, while the pro-democracy parties won 4 seats. In the election, 151,881 Macanese (55.02 percent) cast their votes.

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