Australia Parliamentary Election 2013

Sept. 7, 2013, midnight

On September 7, voters in Australia elected 150 members of the House of Representatives and 40 members of the Senate. The Australian Labor Party, which had been the ruling party in a minority government, lost control of the House of Representatives, gaining 3,799,692 votes (33.73 percent) in the election, giving them 54 seats. The Liberal Party, led by Tony ABBOTT will lead the new government in Australia after receiving 3,592,911 votes (31.90 percent) in the election. The Liberal Party contested the election as part of the Coalition, which also includes the Liberal National Party, the National Party, and the Country Liberal Party. Together these parties secured 91 seats in the House of Representatives. In the Senate elections, the Coalition won 17 seats, giving them a total of 33 seats in the Senate, while the Australian Labor Party won 12 seats, giving them a total of 25 seats. The new Senators will not begin their terms until April 1, 2014. Turnout for the election was 81.45 percent (11,977,502 voters).

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